As a premier basketball court contractor, Taylor Tennis Courts is a name you can count on for high-quality court construction, resurfacing, and maintenance.

If you have only been considering adding a basketball court to your property, there are numerous health benefits:

  • The fast pace of the game is great for an aerobic workout
  • An average calorie burn of 630 to 750 cal per hour of play
  • Building up endurance
  • Developing focus and self-discipline

Basketball is a game that people of all ages and abilities can participate in so it is as fun with a group or practicing on your own. While an official game of basketball needs ten people to play, a game of one-on-one can also be fun.

One of the most critical elements of a great game of basketball is a great court. Indoor courts need layers of vapor barriers and cushioning. Outdoor courts need to be level and not allow for the collection of rainwater. An inferior design can lead to injuries and the need for resurfacing years before a quality court design with regular maintenance, which becomes more costly. That’s why it is a good idea to get the highest quality job done the first time so you get years of service life out of your basketball court.

Taylor Tennis Courts offers unparalleled service in the Southern California area. For more information about our basketball court contractor options, or to get a free estimate, contact our team today at (800) 558-3664.