Looking for a team that can provide you with the best in pickleball court construction? Taylor Tennis Courts is a family-owned and operated firm that has offered over four decades’ worth of quality game court construction and resurfacing services for Southern California homes and businesses. We are dedicated to ensuring that you have court surfaces that are built to last and perfect for playing anytime.

How can this sweet sport with a sour name benefit you?

  • Low-impact fitness for all ages. Pickleball is a sport that can be high-octane while staying low-impact. People of all ages can learn and enjoy this delightful racket sport together.
  • A modern take on racket sports classics. Pickleball is unique in that it combines aspects of tennis and badminton to create something new and unique. In the United States alone, there are now millions of pickleball players.
  • Easy to learn, challenging to master. Because pickleball is so accessible, it’s a great way to engage both body and mind with a sport that encourages both strategy and fitness. Learning a new game is a fantastic way to liven up a network of game courts or revitalize a court area on your residential property.

The pros at Taylor can also build a wide variety of other sporting areas for residential and commercial use alike, including:

  • Tennis, badminton, and paddle tennis courts
  • Indoor and outdoor basketball courts
  • Shuffleboard courts
  • Roller hockey courts
  • Multi-game courts
  • And much more

Whether you need pickleball court construction or basketball court resurfacing, Taylor Tennis Courts is a team you can count on to get the job done right. Call (800) 558-3664 today for more information or to get a no-obligation estimate from our team.