If you have an outdoor basketball court that gets a lot of use, it may be time to spruce it up a bit. Whether you play for competition or fun after a while the playing court can become worn. Weather impacts it as well. At Taylor Tennis Courts, we can restore your basketball court. We provide basketball court refinishing that gives you a practically new court.

We Know Game Courts

We understand the importance of a quality playing surface to any game. We have been in the game court industry for years, and we specialize in not only tennis court resurfacing and installation but in other types of playing courts as well. We have successfully resurfaced many basketball courts and come highly recommended.

Want to Expand Your Playing Courts?

If you would like to add an additional game court or convert your existing one into a combination court, we can help. We install tennis courts, pickleball courts, volleyball courts, and more. We can also install a combination court so everyone in the family can enjoy their favorite game. If you want a professional, highly-rated California court builder, look no further than Taylor Tennis Courts. We have what you need when it comes to all kinds of game courts.