About Us

“We enjoy going to work each day to create the perfect game court for our clients. We are here to help them achieve their project goals. From color, design, lighting and fencing throughout the entire construction process, no matter what the challenges, we treat each project like it was in our own backyard. We pride ourselves in providing the very best in customer service and take pride in the relationships that have been developed along the way. We offer value as well as quality that you can trust and depend on.”
Jim Taylor

Jim Taylor got his start by building tennis courts in Utah in the 70’s. Realizing that the work could only be seasonal there, he left Utah for Southern California. Here in California, Jim was able to work for George Peables’ company in Santa Monica. Jim secured his California contractor’s license and Taylor Tennis Courts was born. In 1980 Jim’s brother Dave joined the company and they have been partners ever since. Together they have built the company into a multi-faceted game court construction and surfacing company serving all of Southern California with services ranging from court construction and surfacing to fencing, lighting, windscreens, basketball systems and more.

Building athletic courts is a unique niche of construction and we are experts in all phases of the process. Taylor Tennis Courts provides the engineering, design, and expertise from decades in the business to meet all your expectations. We have extensive experience in developing beautiful and professionally competitive tennis court surfaces and bring that expertise to courts used in other sports; basketball, volleyball, paddle tennis, pickleball, roller hockey, shuffleboard and more. We offer the normal full range of surfaces, including acrylic and cushion surfaces. We have built courts in some of the most prestigious tennis facilities in Southern California. Among our clients are major schools, cities, parks, homeowners’ associations, retirement communities, and celebrities.

We have always enjoyed the fact that we create the courts on which others will play the games. It is very satisfying when we complete a project. Taylor Tennis Courts has been in the athletic court business for over 37 years. Over 50% of our business is from repeat customers and their referrals. Our clients provide many opportunities for us, from residential to commercial, municipal to school districts. They depend on us and trust us with their plans. We are fortunate to have built long lasting, working relationships with them. Our business continues to grow every year. We work hard, and are successful. It’s great to have a business that provides recreation for others and is so enjoyable for us. We want the Taylor Tennis brand to continue for many years to come, and know it will, as we continue to provide value as well as quality.