Paint and resurfacing play a critical role in the safety and appearance of a tennis court. Many expert tennis court painting contractors insist on regular resurfacing of both residential and game courts surfaces because of the paint’s anti-slip qualities.

The painting also mitigates cracks and uneven surfaces and takes care of the fading color of your tennis court.

Still, only a professional can determine the ultimate painting needs of your court. They can thoroughly inspect for paint chipping, cracks, mold, and water pools that might compromise the existing surface. Here are other reasons to hire only an expert tennis court painter.

1. Specialist Tennis Court Painting Contractors Will Determine Exact Anti-Slip Specifications
Once the tennis court painting contractors assess your court, they will know the type of paint that can make it safe and secure for players. They use the best protective layer on the court surface to help it withstand wear and tear. And that implies you keep your costs as low as possible even with intense court use.

2. Professional Tennis Court Painters Use the Right Designs for Your Court
Depending on the material of your tennis court, the contractors will decide which colors are suitable for the court. For example, a tarmac and bitmap court might use a two-tone court design with contrasting line markings that make your court unique and aesthetically beautiful.

3. Expert Painters Work Within Your Budget
The budget is the most critical factor determining a court’s painting project. Before work begins, you will discuss your overall needs and budget with the contractors. They will also assess and give you the actual estimates with no hidden charges. Doing so ensures you are on the same page regarding materials and labor costs.

Tennis court painting and resurfacing is something you cannot avoid, with touch-ups between three and seven years. Yet only a professional can help you avoid shoddy work.

Please get in touch with us today to inspect and recommend the best specifications and designs for your tennis court surface.