Professional tennis court resurfacing contractors build game fields using asphalt, concrete, and quality acrylic materials that can withstand extreme weather. At Taylor Tennis Courts Inc, our technicians use state-of-the-art materials and technology to create or reseal a game field that suits your style and specifications.
Tennis Court Issues That Need Resurfacing and Repair
Poor maintenance structures plus regular use can cause wear and tear even to a good tennis court. Our game field construction and resurfacing experts can help fix the following issues.

1. Cracks
Age can cause cracks in the playing surface. But gaps can also develop because of extreme heat from the sun, which soften the asphalt binder causing expansion in the surface. This issue may slow down the drying process of your game field.

Tennis court resurfacing contractors examine the court base to check for water content beneath the crack before providing a suitable solution. Applying crack fill in wet weather or a damp surface can weaken the acrylic binder and cause early damage.

2. Puddles
Puddles alter the quality of your tennis court surface and can be a safety hazard. Low spots on your tennis court can affect your footing while playing. When water regularly pools on the tennis court, it shortens the coating life of the acrylic surface.
Outdoor game court repair experts can level up areas in your court where stagnant water measures about 2mm. At Taylor Tennis Courts Inc, we use pure acrylic binder mixed with high-quality cement to bring low spots back to the required level, which enables rainwater to flow off the court.

3. Tennis Court Resurfacing Accessories
Whether you want to install new tennis court accessories such as net posts, nets, pipe anchors, and center straps, our Taylor Tennis Courts experts help install new or replace damaged parts.

Synthetic grass game courts can withstand fading and harsh weather for many years but may get damaged. Professional tennis court resurfacing and installation contractors use quality materials such as Visqueen vapor barrier and ultra-modern techniques to reseal used surfaces. Taylor Tennis Courts, Inc. can help you with outdoor game field issues by adding top-grade nets, posts, and vinyl-coated chain-link fences.